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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Henna For Hair

Follow 7 Easy Steps:
Step 1
Measure out henna powder into mixing bowl . Use about 100g for chin length, or 200g for curly shoulder length. You can use freeze leftover paste for a few months, so don't worry if you make too much.

Step 2
Add tea while stirring. Make sure tea is cold. You want a consistency like pudding, where the paste holds on the spoon and drips. Add the liquid a small amount at a time so it doesn't get too runny. Make sure you smash all lumps that form. Click Here!

Step 3

Add lemon juice keep stirring. The above lists are some of the best, although there are others that may help darken henna. At this step, your paste should be smooth and not too thick.

Step 4
Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, foil, or a lid. Set it in a warm place, and wait. Henna needs from 6 to 24 hours to release its dye.

Step 5
Use or store the henna when it's ready. You can either store it in seal-able bags and freeze, or use it immediately. If the past seems too thick, thin it before using freezing.

Step 6
For hair conditioning with colouring, you can now add conditioner, such as an egg & yogurt while mixing it.

Step 7
Now you are ready to color your hair.

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