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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Take 6" inch square piece of plastic freezer bag


 Grasp the upper right edge of the paper and fold left toward the center. The middle of the wide edge will become the point of the cone


Wrap on the rest of the piece around the cone so as to make a firm cone. When you come to the last bit, shift and pull the cone until the opening at the tip is the size you like. This can be adjusted if the opening is as small as a pin whole. Tape around at the end of the piece.

Fill in henna paste with a small spoon in the cone. Two table spoons henna will fit in the cone. Now squeeze the cone from above with your thumb and first two fingers till the henna paste goes down the closedtip of the cone. Now hold the open end of the cone above and fold it. Now roll it until you feel cone is packed with henna. Now tape this end horizontally twice. Your Henna Cone is now ready to use...

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